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This spiritual retreat (that you can take part in from your home) will guide you through the most profound and important shift in consciousness that has you KNOW WITH CERTAINTY that you are more than what you see . . .
. . . and you have UNLIMITED DIVINE POWER that can create whatever you want, no matter what your circumstances are now.
This retreat will guide you to a new kind of certainty that can never be taken away from you as you experience life free from self-doubt.

You’ll also walk away from this experience…

 Able to dissolve the limitations of the mind, so you can feel free to live your sacred mission. No more sitting in your office dreaming about what you want; instead, you’ll be LIVING it!
Realizing how nothing stops or flusters you past a few brief moments. This is critically important in creating new patterns in our intimate relationships, so rather than reacting from old wounds, we can utilize resourceful presence.
Knowing that all your needs and desires are met. It’s not that you’ll never need to act again, or face a human challenge again, but the Light within you becomes so strong that things rearrange and manifest miraculously.
You know that feeling that there’s something missing in you, in the world, or in others? That will be GONE! The lingering feeling of unworthiness will lose its grip, which makes it a lot easier to take inspired action to create what you want.
Imagine instantly SEEING with crystal clarity what you are here do to and how you are to serve at the highest level . . .
. . . and knowing exactly how to NOT let limited thinking stop you from being the Light-filled vessel you came here to be.
Relationships will be easier. You’ll know how to not get pulled into knee-jerk reactivity.
Decisions will be MUCH easier. No more wasting time in procrastination or paralysis, but instead focusing on giving your greatest gifts to the world.
That’s what we are up to in UNWAVERING CERTAINTY.

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