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You can't be a success and be a secret.
It's time to confront what has kept you playing small.

It's time to move from learning to
Accurate Implementation

No amount of business strategy can stop you from hiding. 

It’s YOU, your PRESENCE, your DELIVERY, your COURAGE, your INTENTION, and your ABILITY TO STAY CENTERED no matter what ...that will create a life and career that lights you up!
We will guide you through a transformational year to master these most important aspects of business:
›› Clarifying Your Message
›› Choosing the Right Business  Model
›› Mastering the Art of Sales
›› Designing a High-End Offer
›› Decreasing Procrastination & Increasing Performance
›› Writing Your Book
›› Creating Irresistible Free Offers
›› Powerful Delivery of Your Presentation
›› Implementing a Repeatable System to Find Speaking Gigs
›› Mastering Authentic Videos
›› Owning Your Value
›› Writing Effective Headlines & Sales Copy



Design your High-End Offer. We’ll explore your highest-value skills and how to package them so you don’t need many clients to hit your next 6-figures in business.


Clarify your Message and Increase your Compelling Communication Skills. We’ll show you how to craft your marketing message and support you to write strong copy for your emails, website, and sales pages so you get a positive response from ideal clients.


Map the path to your financial goals. Includes the 3-day You, Your Message, and Your Money Map™ intensive. We’ll help you design your irresistible free offers and how to pitch them so people say yes!


Master the Art of Sales Conversations. Includes the 2-day The Art of Soft Sales™ Intensive, which includes plenty of practice time and individual feedback, so you become confident with enrolling new clients.


Find the Lead, Nurture the Lead, Close the Lead. We’ll show you how to find qualified leads and build an automated nurture sequence that primes them to want to work with you. You’ll learn how to get your ideal clients eager to show up for your sales conversations.


Create magnetic content. We’ll show you how to become binge-worthy! This month is all about increasing your followers, being magnetic on camera, and driving more ideal clients to sales conversations from your free content.


4-day Book Writing Retreat and Spiritual Adventure. Write your entire first draft of your book in a state of divine connection. This experience is a personal growth journey you’ll never forget.


Complete the revision of your book. Using our Book Revision days and coaching on what makes a page-turning script, the inspiration will continue to flow to get your book done and ready for editing.


Craft your signature speech that leads to clients. Receive templates to outline a strategic signature speech and a successful webinar that you can use for years to come.


3-day Advanced Speaker Training. (Stage time!) 10 times your effectiveness and confidence on stage and leading webinars in 3 powerful days! Experience how to get into the ‘flow state’ any time you present. Learn and implement our system to find speaking gigs and increase your magnetism on video.


Complete your signature speech and primary marketing videos. We’ll equip you with a solid script for your home page video, a qualifying leads video, and a suite of short, branded videos that you can use to sell your services on multiple platforms. 


This is a ‘get it done’ program. We’ll help you complete everything so you feel accomplished, confident, and amazed by what you did in 1 year. 

Other programs show you how to do it. 

This program does it with you & supports you with personal development and private coaching along the way. 

TABS circles skills
We train you on the SKILLS you need and don't have - or that you need to sharpen 
TABS circles coaching
We give you CANDID FEEDBACK and specific coaching 
TABS circles master your fear
We help you MASTER YOUR FEAR so you can consistently move forward 
TABS circles accountability
We support your commitment with ACCOUNTABILITY 
TABS circles tangible outcomes
Finish your marketing copy, your book, your speech, videos, and more 
TABS circles environment
We put you in the perfect ENVIRONMENT for growth - you'll be with a safe and supportive group of entrepreneurs 
your implementation team
Photographer | Video Studio | Virtual Assistant Hours 
Monthly Accountability System | Coaches Open Hours

Success Stories

This has been the best coaching experience I have ever had. They helped me re-brand, increase my availability to speak and sell from stage, and inspired me to think bigger. I made over $25K from my first group program that they helped me put together. I am well on my way to making multiple six figures thanks to this amazing program and community. If you are looking for support, strategy, accountability, and expert coaching I highly recommend you join this program.

KAREN SCHACHTER Psychotherapist, Cooch & Creator of Dishing With Your Daughter

karen schachter

Although I felt strong with my core money message, speaking skills, and coaching programs, I know I needed help to take my enrollment and marketing to a level of mastery. This program gave me tools, attention, inspiration, and structures to make the gains most vital for me. My speaking is more emotionally engaged, my website and brand got refreshed (finally!), my enrollments are up 25%, and I'm the name that comes to mind for Money topic events in my community. This is a powerful comprehensive program ... and you can tailor it to work for you.

KAREN RUSSO Money Momentum Cooch


I no longer avoid the spotlight. Datta and Rachael Jayne's training has helped me quadruple my income and positively affect the lives of women around the world. My presence, my ability to master few, and my ability to sell has increased significantly, helping me to connect with my audience and attract the clients I want. Because of this training I am not only a better business owner, but a better father, better husband, and better person.

DON HAJICEK Photographer & Creator of Tribe of Diomonds


Get Continuous Support from this community of caring, creative, conscious entrepreneurs

I had given up on my dream of having my own business, of being a public speaker, and had no desire to write anything except poems. Now I turn and see that I am an entrepreneur with a growing new business, working on my book, and have had high praise that tells me I do belong on that big stage. I have learned that one cannot build anything in isolation. I got such great support from the coaches, and my fellow 'classmates' and Datta and Rachael Jayne. I would recommend this program to anyone. If you feel stuck or if you feel like giving up, don't until you have given this your one 'last' try. It made all the difference.

RIVER BENSON Owner and Producer of Portland Intuitive Fair

River Benson

In the past my coaches rarely talked about the inner experience of running a business and so I was never able to move through my fear. This is the first program where I have taken real action, and guess what, I'm getting real results. I have developed my signature program, ran 2 successful events this year, enrolled triple the number of clients, and have increased my income by five times. For the first time, I'm enjoying speaking, making offers from the front of the room, and having successful sales conversations.

ADELE MICHAL Coach, Consultant, & Creator of the Peak State Selling Process


Because of who I am, I could only learn business strategy from people who get that "inner work" and "presence" is just as important as taking action. I love the Groover's integrity and being part of the supportive community they've built. I received the training and coaching on exactly how to create a high-priced program that creates transformation for clients. I proudly reached six figures last year. This year has brought a cascade of new opportunities, directly related to my work with Rachael Jayne and Datta. The most recent is my appointment as Interim Executive Director of the training organization, where I've been teaching for the last 12 years.

KATE HOLT Holistic Business Mentor

Kate Holt

What you receive when you continue with
The Awakened Business School™.


4 Training Intensives
›› 1st Intensive: You, Your Message, and Your Money Map (3 days)
›› 2nd Intensive: The Art of Soft Sales (2 days)
›› 3rd Intensive: Book Writing Retreat and Spiritual Adventure (4 days)
›› 4th Intensive: Advanced Speaker Training (3 days)
Monthly Masterclasses. Specific training on creating offers, marketing, sales, speaking, writing, publishing, and leadership.
Lead-Gen Labs. Extra training on the least expensive lead generation strategies and how to implement them accurately.
7-figure Focus. Training in the key skills that transform you into a leader of a 7-figure business. We want you to see what’s possible as you build from the ground up.
Additional Sales Training. We will support you with training on topics such as qualifying leads, multiple ways to follow up, quicker closing, and much more!  
VALUE $200


Monthly private coaching sessions (12 x 30-minute sessions)
Weekly “Coaches’ Open Hours.” The master coaches will coach you on your urgent needs along with specific coaching on the monthly focus of the program.
Weekly Potential FM livestreams. These 20-minute bursts of powerful reminders and practices keep you connected to your potential so every action you take creates an easier, more profitable result.


Monthly ‘Get it Done’ Days to support you in completing your monthly goals and assignments.
Accountability Tracker to keep up with your goals using our integrated monthly accountability system.
VALUE $600
3 Book Revision Days to support you in finishing your book after the book writing retreat.
VALUE $500


Virtual Assistant. Receive 10 hours of admin and tech support if you need help setting up your email marketing software, social media platforms, online calendar, or various other sales tools.
VALUE $350
Photographer. Save $$$ on one of the most expensive people you’ll need on your team. We’ll have a professional photographer at each live training to take shots for you to use for your  social media and website.  
Video Studio. Stop procrastination on making videos. During the intensives you can use our video studio at our event space. We'll make you look and sound great!
VALUE $500
52-week content creation calendar. You’ll always have directions on what you can post every week of the year. Follow along with hooks and headlines that will get people’s attention.
VALUE $500


Receive daily support from other participants through our interactive forum.
Opportunities for small accountability groups and masterminding with other conscious  entrepreneurs.
Quarterly performances to show off the skills you are learning and get feedback on your  effectiveness.
Practice sales conversations together to increase close rates.


Coach Certification Program

Become an excellent facilitator of others’ transformation. You’ll learn 11 key practices. Lines of questioning and other coaching strategies so clients can see their blind spots or opportunities. On completion, you’ll be certified as a Transformational Coach through The Awakened School®. 

Business Leadership Mastery Archive

Access to an incredibly comprehensive digital library on specific business building topics. Topics Include: Leading a successful webinar or event, copy-writing, online marketing, booking speaking gigs, Facebook ads, sales conversations, how to fill workshops, livestreaming, joint venture partnerships, cash flow projections, choosing a niche market, video creation and marketing, building an email list, social media for profit, creating your signature program, and much more.

Personal Leadership Mastery Video Library

Topics include: Mastering Relationships, Mastering Money, Mastering Motivation, Leading with a Magnetic Presence, Mastering Self-Awareness, The Leadership Mindset, Mastering Fear and much more.


Coaches, Consultants, Authors, Artists, Healers, Experts, and Creative Entrepreneurs who what to reach a larger audient with an inspirational message, product, or service.
Those who have an idea or message inside of them that hasn't fully formed yet, and want expert coaching and support to make sure their message is delivered in a way that attracts their ideal clients.
Those who already run a successful business and who may already have a business mentor, but know they need to massively increase their presence, speaking, leadership ability - and write a best-selling book - to reach the next level.
 Those who are committed to their personal development and doing meaningful work that allows them to live the lifestyle they desire. 



A deposit of $3,997USD* followed by
12 Monthly Payments of $1,750USD

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*Only your $1,997USD deposit is due at this event and is non-refundable. 

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