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- Become a more powerful communicator who owns their value and is well compensated for what they do.
- Better relate to the feminine women in your life and increase attraction, trust, and less conflict.
- Take the brakes off in your work and attract greater opportunities.
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Your Host: Rachael Jayne Groover

Why is a woman leading a training on Masculine Presence?
Rachael Jayne is the Founder and CEO of The Awakened School™, which delivers cutting-edge interactive educational experiences. All the work is about Awakening – Spiritual Awakening, Awakening your Impact, and Awakening Humanity. She is the best-selling author of Powerful and Feminine and Divine Breadcrumbs.

Rachael Jayne is the creator of the Art of Feminine Presence® and Art of Masculine Presence™ trainings that are offered worldwide, along with 300 certified teachers working with her. This work grew exponentially after her first book was released. It has been proven that these powerful practices not only work for women, but for every man who wants to become more magnetic, peaceful, and purposeful.