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Published Authors
(in Alphabetical Order)

soul warrior - standing pages

Soul Warrior

by: Angela DeSalvo

Pause, Reflect, and Discover How to Calm Inner Turmoil  

Take an emotional ride through a Soul Warrior’s journey from wounded child to liberated adult in this riveting and inspirational personal development memoir. Angela DeSalvo invites you into her life-story while challenging you to decipher the architecture of your own.

Soul Warrior introduces you to a practice that paves the way for a life of understanding, gratitude, abundance, and joy, giving you the tools to navigate the slippery slope of the human condition. You will be faced with an opportunity to take control of your life and show up unapologetically in the full expression of you.

As You Read Soul Warrior, You Will:

  • Recognize how implicit beliefs and conditioned behaviors manifest into anxiety, burnout, people-pleasing, shame, perfectionism, etc.
  • Learn how to integrate the power of choice and harness the potential of your future.
  • Discover the elements of the transformational soul work method to become a soul warrior too!

Be the Queen of Your Money - Christine Walsh

Be the Queen of Your Money

by: Christine Walsh 

It’s time to release fear and doubt and stand in your own inherent worthiness and sovereignty around money.

It’s time for a new conversation about money where you get to define what makes YOU happy and wealthy – based on your values, your unique blueprint, and your desires.

Your journey to a strong relationship with money is a journey to trusting yourself and building confidence and clarity with money. This empowering book will be your guide.

Through this book you will:

  • Repair the money relationship that has left you feeling less abundant than you need to be. You’ll learn how to manage money in your business and life going forward.
  • Redefine how you want money to show up in your life, whether you are spending, saving, giving, or receiving it ... all on YOUR terms.
  • Receive the exact steps to reclaim your self-worth so you can build a high net worth easily and gracefully.

Explore the money myths that you’ve been living by, and change your money story for good.


Different - standing pages


by: Datta Groover

Frank MacBride's intention to keep his family safe is complicated by relationship challenges with his wife Sofia, and by their young son Sam's increasingly unusual and unsafe behavior.

No one can figure out why Sam doesn't speak, or why he appears to be aware of things he should have no way of knowing. His clairvoyance becomes more powerful as time goes on. He also seems to think he can heal people, and has his own determined agenda to make that happen . . . which contributes to his parents' distress.

Frank and Sofia are shocked to discover their young son seems to be a Nepalese monk who has been reincarnated.

To complicate matters, people who Frank angered in the past may now be looking for some serious payback.

The dynamic relationships and unexpected twists are why this book won first place in the general fiction category of the Colorado Independent Publishers Association EVVY awards, as well as three other first-place awards and eight additional awards, including second place for general fiction in IBPA's Ben Franklin Awards

You'll love this suspenseful novel because of the insights into the complexities of family relationships mixed in with true-to-life problems.


conversations - standing pages

Conversations with Companions

by: Joanne Yeoh

Do you wonder

  • Is my pet happy?
  • What more can I do to make my pet’s life better?
  • If they could talk, what would they say to me?

This book is for people who believe pets have feelings, and are important members of the family. You can understand the language of animals and connect with their wisdom by learning how to communicate with your pet.

Conversations with Companions shares stories of how others used the powerful techniques in this book to enhance their own communication with their pets. 

The teaching elements of this book will take you through the foundations of communicating with your pets and will leave you excited about how much more love and fun you can experience with your treasured companions. 


Divine breadcrumbs- standing pages

Divine Breadcrumbs

by: Rachael Jayne Groover

When you trust and follow your DIVINE BREADCRUMBS, you’ll inevitably find more amazing relationships and career opportunities than your strategic mind alone could’ve ever chosen for you.

This revealing and passionate story of one woman’s search for love and enlightenment will help you make peace with the challenging life events you have faced and show you how to own your power, heal your physical and emotional pain, and live the grandest vision of your life.

Powerful & feminine - standing pages

Powerful and Feminine

by: Rachael Jayne Groover

When a woman embodies her feminine essence, her whole life is transformed. She becomes more attractive, grounded, and present. People notice her, including the healthy, loving masculine she desires. She is comfortable even when all eyes are on her. She does not need to project a powerful persona to attract the respect she wants. A forced sense of masculine power which easily drains her energy cannot compare to the ecstatic, empowered, effortless magnetism that is released when she inhabits her feminine essence.


In this ground-breaking book—now revised and updated—you’ll discover:
  • 35 practices that will increase your personal presence and magnetism immediately.
  • How to be authentically powerful without intimidating or pushing others away.
  • The 5 mistakes strong, independent women make in relationships with men.
  • How to make peace with your sweet vulnerability and stop living with a guarded heart.

…and much more

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