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If you know you're sitting on a goldmine of wisdom but are still not WELL compensated for what you love to do...
I know what you're going through.
If you can relate to any of these questions, I strongly urge you to read on:

Are you someone who wants to be respected and noticed in a bigger way, but can admit you are somewhat hiding?

Does fear stop you from putting yourself 'out there', even though you are living your purpose to some degree?

 Are you sick of seeing others on your social media feed who are less talented and less in integrity making more money and impact than you are?

 Do people sometimes drain your energy, or do you often feel exhausted at the end of the day?

 Are you looking for answers as to why you are not easily attracting the opportunities you want?

 And along with a purposeful, abundant life, do you want to attract the rare breed of a conscious and sexy mate, or looking to increase the attraction, harmony, and intimacy in your current long-term relationship?

11 years ago I would have answered yes to all of these questions. 

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I know all too well the feeling of being sick to my stomach with nerves, while chronically comparing myself to others. I had to face that I wasn’t living close to my full potential.


I’ve always been fascinated with why certain people walk into a room with a magnetic presence while others seem invisible and don’t get noticed. And, why do certain people get up on stage or record a video, and have a presence that makes it almost impossible to look away, while others are dismissed. I’ve also been fascinated with inner presence and what creates true spiritual awakening and the ability to hold your center with grace no matter what is happening around you.


I wanted to be seen and heard and have a huge impact. That's sort of ironic, because in my core I consider myself shy and introverted, and on many days (especially when my self-esteem was low) I wanted to fall asleep to my dreams and make it okay to live an ordinary, mediocre life.

Have you ever suffered from that syndrome? Where you wanted to be seen and impactful one day, then the next day you talked yourself out of it?

Before I started to practice Art of Feminine Presence® and Art of Masculine Presence™, which are the works I now teach…

I was unhappy.

I was overweight.

 I was often in chronic pain.

I felt sick from nerves every time I would speak to a group about what I did.

To top it off — I was making very little money from my efforts in my new business.

In my dream of dreams, I wanted to inspire people. I wanted to speak with presence. But despite how hard I tried I couldn’t put myself out there in a captivating way and commit myself to success.

If you’re wondering why I’m sharing all of this, it’s because I want to make it clear that one thing above all helped me go from broke, disappointed in myself, and procrastinating to leading a successful seminar company, writing two best-selling books, landing my TEDx talk, hitting the Inc. 5000 list, and doing exactly what I want to be doing.

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This thing was my commitment to master presence - on stage, on video, when working with people, and for my own spiritual awakening.

I could see that the inspirational leaders I followed had presence, and I wanted to be in the group that really made a difference. What has happened since has been incredible!

My videos get passed along where they weren’t before. People have invited me to different countries to share this work just from watching my videos.

I have a marriage that is extraordinarily supportive, passionate, and fun.

I get to speak on some of the biggest stages in the transformational industry.

My husband Datta and I now have a successful business, traveling the world teaching presence, speaking, and leadership to individuals who want to make a difference on this planet with their love, wisdom, and message.

The fear, worry, and overwhelm that used to consume me has virtually vanished and in its place living in the present moment has become my reality.

Given the huge changes, I turned around quickly to start teaching what I was doing.

One of my biggest a-ha’s was this:

If you are to become well-compensated for what you love to do, you must become pretty darn good at getting people’s attention.

Personal Presence earns Attention

 Powerful Communication earns Attention

Courageous Self Expression earns Attention

If you master the art of getting people’s attention with presence and confidence you will get others to see, hear, and honor your true worth.
The best part? Presence, powerful communication, and captivating others isn't something people are born with. It is a skill that can be developed through dedication to personal and spiritual transformation along with a willingness to confront and conquer your personal fears. That needs to be supported by a deep understanding of marketing and messaging.
I know this because I created the Art of Feminine Presence® and Art of Masculine Presence™ trainings that I now teach all over the world. I’ve seen quick and dramatic changes in thousands of people because of this work.
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Are you ready to awaken your ability to attract people’s attention?

If so, join me and other conscious inspiring leaders in 2023 for the Be Seen Bootcamp Online Intensive.

This is for those who are ready to do their work.

This is not your average self-help program.

This is a cutting-edge training in the area of personal and spiritual development, compelling communication, and inspiring leadership.

It’s time to release your handbrake and show up FULLY EXPRESSED in your personal and professional life.

If you know it’s time to stop hiding — or you want to ‘up your game’ as an empowered leader — join us for this experience. It will alter the way you look, sound, and feel.

Just so we are clear, this is what I mean by ‘Presence':


It’s not because they have millions in the bank, it’s not because their relationship or body is perfect, it’s not because they have it ‘all together’. It’s something else—something deeper. Something coming from within them.

When someone embodies presence, their whole life is transformed. They don't have to project a powerful persona to attract the respect they want.

Presence is a deep, grounded confidence that cannot be shaken by anyone or any situation. It’s a quiet stillness that everybody sees without much effort on your part, and is extremely magnetic.

Presence affects everything in your life:

  • The ability to attract and keep a passionate lasting love
  • The state of our health
  • Fulfillment in our work

I developed Art of Feminine Presence® and Art of Masculine Presence™ as the result of over 20 years of personal study and practice. I have used the practices to help me get over my own fears of success and failure.



Video Workshop #1: Embodying a Magnetic Presence
Video Workshop #2: Understanding what pushes away the people you most want to attract
Video Workshop #3: Your Visibility Project - Making it happen!
Video Workshop #4: The Shadow - Get the Brakes Off
Video Workshop #5: Mastering your Fear so it doesn’t stop you
Video Workshop #6: Owning Your Value and Opening the Floodgates to Abundance
Video Workshop #7: Inspiring Leadership and Communication
Video Workshop #8: Increasing your ability to be heard with a Magnetic Voice
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An Online Workbook that will accompany the masterclasses.
One year access to our online training library where the recordings of each masterclass and other resources for your program are housed. 
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BONUS #1: 2 Tickets to our Event

Women will join us for the Art of Feminine Presence® event (3 days - virtual or in person)

Men will join us for the Art of Masculine Presence™ event (2 days - in person)

Meet and train with Rachael Jayne and get important candid feedback and coaching. (Each ticket is valued at $997)


Increase your magnetic presence and attract the attention you want - personally and professionally.

Feel more comfortable and at ease when receiving attention.

Energetically protect yourself from predatory energy and those who would drain you.

Access the most attractive and unshakeable force within you.

Practice a powerful, moving meditation to easily access profound states of peace and love — even on the toughest days.

Receive candid feedback about your energy and presence and why sometimes you attract people and sometimes you repel them.

Learn practices to help you master anxiety and challenging emotions that will serve you for the rest of your life.

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DECEMBER 1 - 3, 2023
APRIL 5 - 7, 2024
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March 2 - 3, 2024

BONUS #2: Magnet for Love:

This 3-part video training series with Rachael Jayne and Datta Groover is a chance to receive their most valuable advice to help you create an extraordinary relationship. This is a perfect bonus if you experience any challenges with attracting a relationship, or challenges within your existing relationship. This program is perfect for singles and couples. All gender identities and sexual orientations encouraged and welcomed. 

What They're Saying

"I have stepped more fully into my ability as a teacher and a leader. My Business is growing, and I have much more confidence to speak and share my message"

Amara Hamilton Director of Teacher Development


"I feel self-confident when I speak to groups now, and even in front of the camera, which I feared so much that I just did not do it. Now I'm creating my own online courses and I love making videos and seeing myself on a video.

My inner value increased and I can now set high prices with confidence and without second guessing if I am worth it. I can highly recommend working with Rachael Jayne and Datta!"

Elsewine Rietveld Presence Teacher - The Netherlands

Elsewine Rietvelt

So what if you 'already have' presence?

If you think you have mastered presence, think again.

Years ago I fell victim to this thinking, having convinced myself I had learned all there was to learn. Guess what happened? My effectiveness started to wane because I refused to realize that you can never be good enough. Presence is an on-going practice and if you wish to be extraordinary you must be committed to ongoing development.

Convinced you don’t have the money?

This directly relates to your income. It’s an investment. With one better speaking gig, better webinar, or successful sales conversation and you could make your investment back. What is attracting a wonderful partner or other opportunities into your life worth to you?

Scared that people will judge you when you are seen in a larger way?

This was my biggest fear. I’m here to tell you that people will judge you anyway.

They will judge you for playing small and procrastinating and hiding out. They will judge you for living the life of your dreams and leaving your legacy.

Which would you prefer to be judged for?

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“The training experiences Rachael Jayne offers have changed my life in the most positive ways. My ability to maintain my center during stressful moments has increased exponentially. My daughter remarked that I seem ‘lighter’ somehow. I am so grateful to be involved after many years of seeking practical information on how to approach my spiritual journey.”

Dickey Bill Wagner Comedian and Videographer

dickey bill-1

"I have never felt so powerful in a room. When I warm up with these practices, people respond to my magnetism. 

Working with Art of Feminine Presence® has created miraculous improvement in my speaking and selling at my events and workshops."

Kirei Yasunori Owner of 15-minute Exercise

Kirei Yasunori
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Remember: There is ALWAYS tension between you standing out with presence and playing safe.

Safety is within your comfort zone.

Safety says: “why dream big, when life is pretty good?”

Safety says: "I’m already good enough, stop pushing and struggling so hard."

Safety says: "This is a risk, what if it doesn’t work out?"


Presence makes you play a different game.

Presence takes your dreams and creates them in reality

Presence opens you to a bigger calling

Presence is the driving force to let go of what’s safe and replace it with what is possible

Most people postpone purpose in favor of the comforts of safety. And while in the short term, it may have some benefits, over the long run there are consequences to your happiness, your self-esteem, your bank account, and ultimately your life.

So what direction to what you want to choose: Presence or Safety?

If you’re ready to Awaken Your Impact, Inspire Change, and attract the relationships and abundance you desire into your life, then I invite you to join this program.

"This work gave me strength, courage, and self-belief that I needed."

Amanda Boyd Teacher of The Art of Feminine Presence

Amanda Boyd
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1-time payment of $497 USD


4-monthly payments of $138 USD

The program comes with a 100% guarantee of your satisfaction. If you complete the entire course, including the entire downloadable workbook, within 4 months of purchase, and you don’t feel it’s worth your investment you can ask us for a full refund.

Thanks for reading,

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Your Host

Rachael Jayne Groover is the best-selling author of the books
Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase Your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want


Divine Breadcrumbs: A Search for True Love and Enlightenment.

She is the creator of Art of Feminine Presence®, Art of Masculine Presence™, and other trainings that are held worldwide. As the Founder of The Awakened School® and an inspirational speaker, trainer, and coach, with her husband Datta, she has built a multi-7-figure per year business teaching in the areas of Spiritual Development, Feminine Leadership, Communication, and Business.


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