Awaken Your Impact 2022

If you can relate to any of these questions, I strongly urge you to read on:

 Are you a coach, consultant, artist, healer, or entrepreneur who wants to attract a bigger audience for your message, but admit you have the brakes on to some degree?
  Do you want to set up a boutique-style business with higher-level clients in a way that creates consistent cash flow and wealth for your future?
  Does fear sometimes stop you from putting yourself ‘out there’ even though you know you are here to live your Soul’s purpose without apology?
  Are you sick of seeing others on your social media feed who are less talented and less “in integrity” making more money and impact than you are?
 Do you dream of having a presentation that is fun to give and leads to a rush of ideal clients? (Maybe a TEDx talk, workshop, or webinar.)
 Are you looking for answers as to why you’re not easily attracting the clients you want?
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10 years ago I would have answered YES to all of these questions.

I know all too well the feeling of being sick to my stomach to promote myself, scared of judgment, never having enough money flowing into my limping business and having to face that I wasn’t living close to my full potential.
I wanted to be seen and heard and have a huge impact, but I’m an introvert, and on many days (especially when my self-esteem was low) I wanted to fall asleep to my dreams and make it okay to live a mediocre life.
Have you ever suffered from that syndrome? Where you wanted to be seen and impactful one day, then the next day you talked yourself out of it?
Before I started to practice the work I now teach and before I learned to systematically build a business sustained on presence, flow, and enlightened action…    rj in suit rhs smaller file
was not crystal clear on my direction. 
was a chronic people pleaser.
I had a master’s degree in procrastination.
I felt sick from nerves every time I had to promote my business.
To top it off — I was not attracting enough clients to sustain myself, so I always freaked out about money.
In my dream of dreams, I wanted to inspire people. I wanted to speak with presence. I wanted to create a movement of some sort. But despite how conscious I was of my issues, I couldn’t put myself out there in a consistent enough way… with the higher-prices I needed to charge to make my coaching and workshop business work.
I’m in a very different space these days, and grateful for it.
I recently lead The Awakened School™ to the Inc5000 list after impacting over 30,000 lives in the last decade. I’m an international speaker, TEDx speaker, best-selling author, and living a stress-free business lifestyle while creating massive results.


Following your Soul’s call does not mean that the financial security you want will automatically fall right in line.

There are 3 areas to master if you want to AWAKEN YOUR IMPACT.

This program will help you master these skills and more.
Awaken Your Impact 2022
You may have an important message to share.
You may be sitting on a virtual gold mine of wisdom and experience.
But without a powerful delivery and a strong ability to turn your mission into money, very few will benefit from your gifts.


Our tribe doesn’t think about making loads of money first. They think about making a positive difference in the world. They are nurturers, coaches, healers, teachers, and empaths.
The problem is if you don’t forge a strong partnership between the spiritual AND the material, (your soul’s calling AND making a great income), then your impact will always be stunted.
Money is the driver of impact. You need financial flow to reach more people.
If you know it’s time for your business acumen and courage to rise to the same level as your heart’s longing to be of service . . .

Join us for

Awaken Your Impact 2022

You’re going to learn:

 How to stand out in the noisy marketing environment and not sound like everyone else.
The best strategies to create a boutique-style service or program so you can charge a higher rate while having an easier time at selling.
How to have a never-ending funnel of new clients
How to stop hiding and master the art of being seen in a larger way.
How to get people to respond to your call to actions.
… and more!

You must get people's attention! Here's how . . .

You'll start this program with 6 trainings on the 6 Pillars of Presence to become the person that commands attention. 

The Pillars are:



How to stand, walk, and breathe in a way that will significantly increase your personal presence and confidence.


How to expand and use your energy so people see you as more alive, attractive, credible, and trustworthy.


How to use your voice to inspire and engage someone. People judge your credibility and value by the tone of your voice more than the words you say. 


Dissolve your fear so it doesn’t stop you from what your heart is calling you to do.


Create an inspiring presence by tapping into parts of yourself that you have previously avoided.

Preparing for Life-Changing Moments

This is the perfect guided warm up to listen to before any important event where you want to make a strong impression.

You’ll also receive guided instruction through 8 LIVE Virtual Masterclasses.

Masterclass #1: Your Vision for Awakening Humanity
Masterclass #2: Creating a Message that Inspires an Immediate Response
Masterclass #3: Your Never-ending Funnel of New Clients (Part 1)
Masterclass #4: Your Never-ending Funnel of New Clients (Part 2)
Masterclass #5: Your High-end Boutique Offer (How to Design it)
Masterclass #6: Dissolving your Core Fear Habits
Masterclass #7: Your High-end Boutique Offer (How to Create it)
Masterclass #8: Your High-end Boutique Offer (How to Sell it)
Awaken Your Impact 2022

All these Masterclasses:

 Are LIVE and recorded for you to playback at your convenience.
Include interactive Q & A time with Rachael Jayne.
 Come with practical tools and templates to guide you.


  • Open Hours with Rachael Jayne. These 3 additional sessions are for laser coaching and questions you need answered to integrate everything you learn.
  • An Online Workbook. Full of specific tools and templates to guide you every step of the way.
  • One year access to our online training library. The recordings of each Masterclass and other resources for your program are housed here.
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When you sign up before midnight, June 13th you’ll also receive: 
2 Tickets to The Awakening Live!
(Each ticket is valued at $997)

Here’s exactly what you’ll learn and do at this 3-day LIVE virtual training.
The Awakening

Module #1


Learn how to get people's attention with a marketing message that emotionally resonates with your ideal clients, rather than have it sound slick or clichéd.
Learn how to increase sales through storytelling and sharing wisdom.
Know how to enter a “flow writing state” so you can write a cutting-edge book quickly and be a constant source of relevant and sharable blogs, posts, podcasts, and speeches.

Module #2

Learn social media and other marketing strategies to get more high-quality leads.
How to write, publish, and market a best-selling book (and when is the most strategic time to do that).
Learn how to land speaking gigs, interviews and other opportunities that will increase your reach and credibility.

Module #3

Learn how to own the stage and connect with your audience instantly.
Receive a set of practices that will increase your magnetic presence and authenticity on video and in any presentation.
Learn how to draw others along with you and your vision so you can build a community and committed team.

Module #4

Learn how to work with your fear so you don’t shy away from being seen and heard in a larger way.
Know how to think differently than most people in your industry to become a stand-out voice.
Learn how to transform nerves into personal power and magnetism.

Module #5

Learn how to 10x your income and why it's easier than doubling it.
Practice how to embody the state of “Pure Potential” and move beyond the emotional roller coaster of being in business.
Learn skills and techniques that keep you unshakeable and present in the midst of your growth.
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September 15 - 17, 2022

Participate from the comfort of your own home

How to Craft a Life-Changing Presentation 

This comprehensive video course outlines Rachael Jayne's step-by-step process to craft and deliver a powerful presentation with an effective call to action at the end.

If you’ve ever wanted to lead a workshop, or give a speech that leads to helping more people and getting paid for it, don’t miss this!
(Value: $297)
How to Craft a Life-Changing Presentation

You can take part in Awaken Your Impact in two ways:

A 1-time payment of $997 USD


4-monthly payments of $297 USD

Money Back Guarantee
Here’s our special guarantee. There’s no risk to you.
If you complete the entire course, including all worksheets, within 4 months of purchase and do not feel it is worthy of your investment, you can ask for a full refund.


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Our students say...

"I feel self-confident when I speak to groups now, and even in front of the camera, which I feared so much that I just did not do it. Now I’m creating my own online courses and I love making videos and seeing myself on video.

In Awaken Your Impact Rachael Jayne combines her golden Presence method with business wisdom and authentic strategies for a pleasant way of doing sales (yes that is possible).

My inner value increased and I can now set high prices with confidence and without second guessing if I am worth it. I can highly recommend this!"

Elsewine Rietvelt Presence Teacher

Elsewine Rietvelt

"You will learn practical tips and training you can't find anywhere else. I'm a lawyer and former mayor of my hometown in Texas. I was stunned by the content presented. You'll learn unique concepts on powerfully delivering your message which WORK!

If you want to become your best, then give yourself the best gift you can and do this program.

I've attended many such workshops over the years and with certainty, this is the best ever! Best content. Best presentations. Most fun. Most thought provoking. Unique wisdom delivered in a safe environment (meaning it's ok to be vulnerable there) with enthusiasm. You'll laugh. You'll likely shed tears from stories you hear. You will leave the event being a better person. I certainly did. If you value yourself and want something to change in your life - join Awaken Your Impact."

Jackson Hanks Lawyer & Co-Founder of The Soul of You

jackson hanks

"The combination of the presence work and the business strategy in this program has given me clarity to focus on my core mission. It's given me courage and skills to create my own online program with an international team of facilitators; and increased my ability to inspire people in the environmental and social change movement.

I Experience more joy and ease while public speaking, university lecturing and facilitating workshops, and get more positive feedback. And to top it all off, the Presence processes have given me a happier and more empowered relationship with my husband of 18 years!"

Dr. Eshana Bragg Ecopsychologist & Director, Sustainable Futures Australia

Dr. Eshana Bragg

This program is different…

Because many programs focus on business, strategies, and mindset. Others focus on embodiment, beliefs, and spirituality. This is the best of both worlds. These worlds must come together to create both financial success and your soul’s fulfillment. I have a strategic business mind and am an expert in presence and the spiritual awakening process.
I know the power of presence, and have the foresight to know that presence coupled with business strategy leads to success.

So, what if you ‘already have’ presence?

If you think you have mastered presence, think again.
Years ago I fell victim to this thinking. Guess what happened? My effectiveness started to wane because I stopped getting better. Presence is an on-going practice and if you want to stand out in the marketplace.

Convinced you don’t have the money?

This is an investment, but one better speaking gig, webinar, or successful sales conversation and you’ll make your investment back. Building a strong business requires investment – there’s no way around that. You can find a way if this calls you.

Scared that people will judge you when you’re seen in a larger way?

Sorry to break it to you but people will judge you anyway. They will judge you for playing small and procrastinating. They will judge you for living the life of your dreams and leaving your legacy. Which would you prefer to be judged for?
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Before I leave you, I want to ask you where you see yourself 12 months from now. What about in 3 years? 5 years?
Do you see yourself playing bigger?

Our past students now play a bigger game…

"I was already a strong, experienced speaker, a smart content expert around my spirituality and money topic and an experienced coach. But I was floundering with my marketing, business model and focus… and I’d tried a half dozen halfhearted programs with lovely coaches who wanted me to succeed their way.

The Awaken Your Impact live event and online program was different. Rachael Jayne and Datta truly want me to succeed my way – and their amazing curriculum is immediately customizable to my needs and goals. I quickly created a fresh message, a revamped signature program and (finally!) a simple business, marketing, and income model to live the life I want now.

I’ve saved thousands of dollars – and hundreds of hours – by not chasing after random, good ideas that don’t fit me. I’m attracting ideal clients who are getting big results: cha-ching financial breakthroughs, healing, and momentum which fuels my passion."

Karen Russo Author/Founder, The Money KeysCreator of CFO Camp: 90 Days to Clarity, Confidence and Cash Flow


"I have never felt so powerful in a room. When I warm up with these practices, people respond to my magnetism.

Working with Art of Feminine Presence® has created miraculous improvement in my speaking and selling at my events and workshops."

Kirei Yasunori Owner of 15-minute exercise


Remember: There will always be tension between living your Soul’s purpose and safety.rj to the top lhs

Safety will help keep you within your comfort zone.
Safety says: “Why dream big, when life is pretty good?”
Safety says: “You’re already good enough. Stop pushing and struggling so hard.”
Safety says: “This is a risk; what if it doesn’t work out?”
Safety runs most of our lives. After all, that’s it’s job . . . to keep us well and safe.


Purpose plays a different game.
Purpose creates our dreams.
Purpose opens us to a bigger calling.
Purpose is the driving force behind letting go of what’s safe and replacing it with what’s Possible.
Most people postpone purpose in favor of the comforts of safety. And while in the short term it may have some benefits, over the long run there will be inevitable consequences to your happiness, your self-esteem, your bank account, and ultimately your life.

So which direction do you want to choose: Purpose or Safety?

If you’re ready to Awaken Your Impact, Inspire Change, and Reach WAY more people with your message, then join us.

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1-time payment of $997 USD


4-monthly payments of $297 USD

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Much Love,
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Awaken Your Impact 2022

Your Host - Rachael Jayne Groover

Rachael Jayne is the Founder and CEO of The Awakened School, which delivers cutting-edge educational experiences. All of the school’s work is about Awakening –Awakening your Potential, Awakening your Impact, and Awakening Humanity. The company hit Inc5000 list in 2019.
Rachael Jayne Groover is the creator of the Art of Feminine Presence®, Art of Masculine Presence, and The Awakening trainings that are offered worldwide.
She is the author of the international best-sellers Powerful and Feminine: How to Increase your Magnetic Presence and Attract the Attention You Want and Divine Breadcrumbs: A Search for True Love and Enlightenment.



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