To the man who wants to empower others in a unique, impactful, and urgent way... but who may struggle with marketing or knowing how to roll out a powerful body of work.

I'm here to help. Watch this today!

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Ruby - Level 1 Training
April 2 - 4, 2023

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As one of our certified teachers, you would get paid to help others to:

- Navigate the traps along their personal and spiritual development path
- Increase their magnetic presence and feminine energy so they are seen and heard
- Become fully and courageously expressed and not afraid of success and attention
- Own their value and build strong boundaries
- Live without a guarded heart, be open to love, and make peace with their vulnerability
…and much more!

It’s essentially a ‘business in a box’ where you don’t have to be great at marketing to succeed,
 I’ve already done most of the work for you.

Spend some time now and watch the videos on this page to find out more about becoming a teacher of this transformation work that has already affected thousands of women’s lives.

Teacher Training FAQ's:

Note: Sometimes I use the word women, but all of this work is perfect for both men and women.

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I didn’t have the equipment or the skills to really be invested in a relationship. I didn’t really understand how to be in that relationship, what really being masculine was all about, and how to be tuned in to the feminine. Joining Art of Masculine Presence, I was able to unpack that. The whole way I saw and presented myself to my wife was completely different, my understanding of how to show up, and what it meant to be in my masculine.

Derek Vogelsang Student of Art of Masculine Presence

Derek Vogelsang

“I have stepped more fully into my ability as a teacher and a leader. My business is growing, and I have much more confidence to speak, and share my message.”

Amara Hamilton Director of Teacher Development

Amara Hamilton Test

I feel like I had pieces of this work, but spending time with Rachael Jayne brought it all into focus. It used to be difficult to stay grounded, especially in tough situations, but now I have quick access to a confident and calm state that I can maintain no matter what. I can stay out of my head, even when it’s hard to be connected and open. This has most noticeably improved all of my relationships, at work and at home.

Todd B. Brocklesby Student of Art of Masculine Presence

Todd B. Brocklesby Square